“Shaddix&Co products are great – vegan homemade goodies that arrive super quickly and without stress… Great customer service & friendly interactive social media posts to keep the excitement around new/fresh stock. 10/10 recommend.” Says one customer review.

While another says “Oh wow!! It’s so great to find such a quality product made locally!! Everything is so good and feels good on my skin“

And another glowing review reads, “Having tried all beard oils they have, I can honestly say you won’t find better anywhere else…Skye is also fantastic to deal with. Highly suggest everyone buy from here, you won’t be disappointed

What are they talking about? Skye Shaddix and his amazing range of vegan, cruelty-free, environmentally conscious, homemade personal care items of course.

Skye is friendly, immediately likable and easy to talk to. No wonder these customers are raving about his customer service as much as how amazing his creations are.

Four years ago while Christmas gift shopping, Skye says he just couldn’t find the perfect gifts for his friends and family. Frustrated, he thought he’d try making his Christmas gifts that year and turned his hand to homemade soap. I guess it went really well as he has now turned it into a business.

Skye’s current range of products includes handmade soap and scrubs, shampoo bars, bath bombs, and body butter, beard oils and shaving soaps. And they come in amazing fragrances from sandalwood to raspberry and even popcorn flavour. The fragrances are as varied and unique as the soaps, ensuring that his products are appealing to men, women and children alike. Skye says being a man in an industry that predominantly caters to women is sometimes daunting, but he has managed to create a range of products that don’t’ smell “too flowery” in order to capture the male market.

When asked how he comes up with the flavour combinations, he says mostly they are just experiments. “Sometimes a combination works, and sometimes not so much” he says with a laugh. One year he says he was gifted a caramel popcorn scented essential oil that he just played around with when making one batch of soap; which turned out to be a big hit and now he has a regular batch ready for sale (Just $6 for a cake of caramel popcorn soap, check it out). I asked Skye which out of all his amazing products was the bestselling item, the answer, “Black raspberry Vanilla whipped sugar scrub”!!!! Yum. Perhaps Skye should look at including a gentle reminder on his the labels “Do not eat”.

I never realised the long process of making homemade soap. Skye informs me that it takes months and sometimes up to a year to cure a batch of soap before its ready for use. “The longer it’s left to set the better,” he says. Skye sells his products through the Be Free Grocer, George Street Collective, through his website, at craft fairs and through a shop in Hunterville. With the products available in so many places, and the long curing time required, Skye is kept busy churning out batches of amazing products to keep his stock levels up, and his customers happy.

Shaddix and Co products are consciously environmentally friendly.  None of the soaps are wrapped in any plastic only a band of paper made out of recycled paper. The beard oils come in little glass bottles while the body batters come in lovely little tins. Skye is looking at expanding into bath salts; which he claims is his current favourite product out of the whole range.  Currently though Skye’s working out how bath salts can be packaged in an eco-friendly manner. I’m personally looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

So next time you are looking for affordable and unique gifts for friends and family or even a little treat for yourself, check out the website Shaddix&Co.

Visit the facebook page for more – www.facebook.com/Shaddixandco

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